Around The Island barbados

Fields and roads; beaches and churches; golf courses and windmills; this is the ultimate island exploration.

This diverse aerial tour showcases several aspects of island life, starting at a neighbourhood basketball court which is popular with the young residents of the area.

The footage over the main highway highlights the blend between old and new, as the modern road bisects the sugar cane fields which shaped much of Barbados’ history.

Surely no island drone tour could fail to include coastal views! Here the turquoise colour and crystal-clear nature of Barbados’ surrounding waters are captured in magnificent style.

Faith and religion is instilled in most Bajans from birth, with the island being home to several religions. We get a magnificent view of the St. Philip Parish Church, one of a network of Anglican churches established by the early British settlers.

Views of an old sugar factory, modern sugar plantation, and historic windmill, again pay homage to Barbados’ rish sugar history.

The video concludes with scenes from the rugged eastern coastline.

A wonderful compilation of views from around the island. Well blended, with nice musical accompaniment.

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Video created by: dario hoyte
Reviewed by: kathy lynn ward