Barbados 2022

Stunning views of Barbados beaches and coastline.

This amazing drone video takes us all over the island: from the cliffs of the north to palm-lined shores on the south-east and the tranquil west side of Barbados.

There’s a marked contrast between the uncrowded beaches in the east and the popular western & southern beaches with their beach umbrellas and loungers. Most hotels on the island are situated in the west & south, while the rugged east remains a quiet sanctuary.

The video captures popular beaches such as Rockley (Accra) Beach, Bottom Bay, and Crane Beach.

We also visit the capital city Bridgetown where we explore Pierhead Beach and Brownes Beach, home to several popular beach clubs.

Heading north reveals the luxurious Port Ferdinand and Port St. Charles marinas.

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Reviewed by: kathy lynn ward