Barbados Coastlines

Breathtaking views of the island's stunning coastlines.

Prepare to be awestruck by this breathtaking drone footage that takes you on a journey through the stunning landscapes of Barbados. Starting off at Harrismith Beach on the south coast, we soar over the picturesque bay, unveiling the ruins of a plantation house nestled among iconic coconut trees and shimmering turquoise waters.

Heading inland and a little further up the coast we can just make out the Ragged Point Lighthouse off to the right.

We then make our way to the eastern coast and witness the raw power of the Atlantic waves crashing against the shores of beautiful Bathsheba village, offering surfers the ultimate challenge.

As we fly over the crystal clear turquoise waters, we’re treated to an incredible view of the coral reefs that encircle and protect the island, providing a vibrant habitat for a diverse range of marine life.

Back at Bathsheba, we join the surfers as they ride the waves before venturing further south to explore more of the island’s stunning coastline, towering cliffs and impressive waves.

Switching to the west coast, we’re immediately struck by the serenity of the seas on this side of the island. A catamaran makes it way lanquidly up the coast, carrying guests to snorkel with sea turtles.

A brief glimpse of the eastern coastline is followed by a breathtaking view of a catamaran sailing into the mesmerizing sunset, leaving us with a sense of wonder and amazement at the beauty of this tropical paradise.

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