Bathsheba Shoreline barbados

Let's take flight along the ruggedly beautiful east coast of Barbados!

Bathsheba: where rolling waves, intriguing rock formations, and vibrant landscapes await your exploration!

The restless Atlantic waves welcome us with frothy shores in a ceaseless dance with the coastline. Our journey along the palm-lined shores unveils a captivating sight - a mysterious, mushroom-shaped rock, nestled in the embrace of the ocean. Nature’s handiwork, sculpted over time through the marvels of natural geological processes and erosion, reveals intriguing rock formations throughout this coastal expanse.

Beneath us, the verdant lawn of Bathsheba Park comes into view, a haven where locals gather for idyllic picnics and where the laughter of children mingles with the excitement of cricket matches and football games.

Gazing seaward, the Atlantic’s relentless charge stretches onward, making Bathsheba a popular surfing spot. It hosts international competitions, fostering local surfers who rise to challenge the very best the world has to offer.

This picturesque and distinctive landscape is also a popular tourist attraction in Barbados, with many island tours stopping here.

As our journey continues southward, we see the path of the historic old train line that traversed this area during the late 1800s and early 1900s, a whisper from the past echoing in the present.

Rounding the corner, the venerable Atlantis Hotel graces our view. Perched above Tent Bay, this charming hotel has welcomed guests for over a century, a testament to its enduring appeal. Our drone’s passage over Tent Bay uncovers yet another collection of captivating rocks, some adorned with vegetation showing nature’s resilience and ability to thrive even in the most trying conditions.

Ascending higher, we’re treated to a magnificent view of the coral reefs protecting the shoreline. A graceful spin brings us northward, revealing the charming tapestry of Bathsheba village, the commanding hills that loom beyond, and the coastline stretching towards Cove Bay at the north-eastern tip of the island.

Our return flight offers a second glimpse of the landscapes we initially surveyed, and reveals some new details we may have missed the first time around. This time, we’re get a view of the historical St. Aiden’s Church (one of the island’s scenic rural Anglican churches) and the vacation homes that welcome locals and visitors seeking a tranquil escape.

With a final, sweeping spin, we bid adieu to Bathsheba, a symphony of ocean blues harmonizing with the vibrant hues of the sky, punctuated by a medley of greens, creating a stunning kaleidoscope of color!

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Reviewed by: kathy lynn ward