Bottom Bay 360 VR tour barbados

Explore this scenic Barbados bay on an incredible interactive aerial 360 tour!

I love YouTube’s support of 360 videos as it opens up a whole new world for content producers and viewers.

Above Barbados takes advantage of the technology with this brief interactive aerial 360 of beautiful Bottom Bay on the south-eastern tip of the island. The footage was shot using a GoPro Fusion 360 mounted under a DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone. The company was one of the first commercial drone operations in Barbados and continues to set a high standard.

We begin on the clifftop overlooking the bay, approaching the swaying coconut trees and turquoise waters as we take flight! Spin around to see the grassy field as we take off!

Flying just above the coconut trees we head out over the soft white sands and crashing waves. Spinning around you can clearly see the cliff and spot a cave!

I do wish the video was longer, but I look forward to more like this from the Above Barbados team.

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Video created by: above barbados
Reviewed by: kathy lynn ward