Brandons Beach barbados

Let our drone take you on a virtual tour of this tropical beach on the west coast of Barbados!

We launch on the southern end of Brandons Beach and soar over the crystal clear waters and soft sands. It’s pretty quiet on the beach on this day, with just a few folks enjoying the tranquility here. Early morning and after-work are the most popular times for locals to stop by for a swim or to exercise or play beach tennis.

A waterpark was added after this drone footage was shot and it is growing in popularity.

Our drone flight takes us pass the lightguard station and spins around for a view of the Barbados Coast Guard headquarters, with the cruise ship harbour just beyond. This aerial view gives a clear sight of the inshore coral reefs which are lovely spots for snorkeling.

Heading back inland we can spy the West Indies Rum Distillery at the northern end of the beach. Then it’s back out over the water towards the sun breaking through the clouds. Another spin around reveals the Rascals Restaurant and the neighbourhoods across the road. Just imagine being lucky enough to live a short stroll from this lovely beach!

Up here we’re in the company of brilliant blue skies and pillowy white clouds.

On one side of the beach we spot a catamaran sailing though the sunbeam reflecting off the waves, while on the other side cars stream along the highway. It always amazes me to see such busy activity right next to our tranquil beaches. And in the business of everyday life we often fail to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us.

Another 360 spin of the drone wonderfully highlights the coral reefs, home to several species of tropical fish, as the catamaran sails out of the sunbeam and continues ferrying passengers onward to swim with sea turtles and snorkel over shipwrecks. You can spot a man playing on the beach with his dog as the drone heads in for a gentle landing.

This is one of Above Barbados’ earlier videos and you can catch sight of the drone’s rotating propellers occasionally throughout the video. I believe this was one of their earliest videos. Their flying and cinematic skills improved immensely with experience and better drone technology. Still, this is a wonderful aerial tour of one of Barbados’ most beautiful beaches.

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Video created by: above barbados
Reviewed by: kathy lynn ward