Bridgetown and Beyond barbados

Historical sites entwined with the island's modern and vibrant spirit.

Although titled on YouTube as “Bridgetown City , Barbados” this drone montage actually takes us from Bridgetown to other historic towns, into the countryside, and along the western coast of the island.

We do begin in Bridgetown, a city proudly bearing the UNESCO World Heritage Site designation. From our elevated perspective, Bridgetown emerges as a bustling urban hub where tradition meets contemporary life. The focal point is the careenage water feature. In bygone eras, this harbour would have been filled with merchant vessels offloading supplies from the UK and Canada, and loading up rum, sugar and molasses for the return journey. Today, it harbours catamarans and fishing boats, emblematic of Barbados’ transition from a sugar-based economy to one centered on tourism.

Our airborne adventure then takes us north to Holetown. It was here, in 1627, that the English first settled on the island, originally naming it Jamestown in honor of King James. We get a wonderful view of the tranquil beach and boardwalk.

After a brief return to Bridgetown, our journey takes us further north to Speightstown, another historical gem. This was also a bustling city in colonial times, with schooners linking the town to the capital. It maintains some of its historic charm, balanced with the modernity of luxury villas, marinas, and beachfront restaurants.

Speaking of luxury… our next destination is the Royal Westmoreland golf resort, home to a world-class golf course and an array of elegant villas.

Continuing our aerial journey, we head south of Bridgetown to Needhams Point and the Hilton Barbados hotel. From this vantage point, we see the picturesque Carlisle Bay, a horseshoe-shaped haven renowned for snorkeling over shipwrecks and swimming alongside sea turtles.

Once more, we revisit Speightstown briefly before gliding along the tranquil west coast beaches, passing by the renowned Sandy Lane Hotel.

As we fly back over Bridgetown the drone pilot gently flies us beneath the arches of the Independence Bridge and back over the waters of the Careenage.

Our flight continues over the magnificent Parliament Buildings where we see once more a blend of old and new - with the historic home of Parliament juxtaposed with a modern office building topped with solar panels… powering the way ahead for Barbados.

This brief drone tour encapsulates Barbados’ rich history and its aspirations for a vibrant future.

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Reviewed by: kathy lynn ward