Carlisle Bay and Beaches barbados

Journey over azure waters, iconic landmarks, and vibrant beach scenes.

We take flight on the northern shores of Browne’s Beach heading out over azure waters towards a group of catamarans and boats.

Switching to the southern end of the bay, we discover the stunning Hilton Barbados hotel which overlooks both Carlisle Bay and the Drill Hall Beach from its perch at Needham’s Point. In the distance to the right is the historic Garrison, part of Barbados’ UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This aerial perspective provides a wonderful view of the coral reefs just offshore, whose presence makes this an inviting spot for snorkeling, scuba diving, and kayaking.

Flying south we see that the bay is a hive of activity with several boats and catamarans bringing visitors to swim and snorkel over shipwrecks. We fly pass the lovely jetty of the Radisson Aquatica Resort which was the Barbados Aquatic Club between the 1920’s and 1960’s.

A lovely piece of flying skill takes us over the Hilton Hotel, revealing the beautiful turquoise waters beyond. We also get a nice view of Charles Fort constructed in 1650 to protect the bay and capital city from attack. When George Washington visited Barbados in the 1750’s he dined with military officials at this fort.

At the northern end of Carlisle Bay we explore the Pierhead Beach and outer basin of the Careenage. This area is now home to an ongoing multimillion dollar Pierhead Marina project.

Flying over the popular Boatyard Beach Club we spy beach loungers and umbrellas lining the sands, awaiting the arrival of lucky beachgoers. Further along the beach more loungers come into view, color-coordinated with the beach clubs along the bay.

On a final spin around Carlisle Bay we enjoy a view of the capital city Bridgetown and the cruise ships in port in the distance.

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Reviewed by: kathy lynn ward