Coast And Beaches barbados

Soaring over turquoise seas and stunning shores.

Let’s join Noppen Studios for a fly about the island, discovering Barbados’ natural beauty from coast to coast!

We begin on the more rugged east coast at the “sleeping giant” formation that overlooks the beach. Flying around the Giant reveals the lush nature of this side of the island.

Next we alternate between views of the tranquil west coast and the exciting east. Back on the beach below the Giant we see the frothy waves of the Atlantic Ocean meeting the reefs and shore. A lone windsurfer flies across the waters on the southern coast, a very popular spot for this sport as well as kite surfing.

Up north we’re treated to the fascinating rock formations before heading inland to the Gun Hill Signal Station. Flying back to the west coast we see swaying palms, beautifully clear turquoise waters and 2 cruise ships in the distance. A beautiful timelapse view of the south-east tip of Barbados unveils more stunning waters.

Alternating views of the south and east coasts reveal the coastal diversity of our small island. More fun watersports follow with jetskiing!

** Unfortunately this video contains some scenes that are NOT Barbados (around the 1:50 and 2:00 marks).

After spectacular sunset views, the drone tour ends with scenes of two of Barbados’ most iconic beaches - Carlisle Bay and Sandy Lane beach.

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Reviewed by: kathy lynn ward