Barbados Coastlines

An epic drone adventure exploring Barbados' breathtaking shores.

Our journey kicks off at the northern tip of the island, where the waves of the mighty Atlantic Ocean crash against towering cliffs, revealing hidden bays with protective reefs.

Flying over Little Bay, a hotspot for island tours and hiking enthusiasts, you’ll feel the urge to dive into its inviting ocean pools and soak up the Caribbean vibes. Gliding low along the clifftops we’re immersed in serene beauty, a stark contrast to the busier south and west coasts of Barbados. Here there is a sense of peaceful seclusion and serene beauty, where time seems to slow down.

Spinning around, the expansiveness of the Atlantic Ocean is revealed, stretching endlessly towards the horizon. The rhythmic waves roll in with a gentle yet powerful rhythm, their constant movement a testament to the ocean’s timeless and relentless nature.

Next stop? The laid-back south-eastern coast, with its gentler waves, coconut-lined shores, and the perfect picnic spot at Bottom Bay.

We swoop into Shark’s Hole, a hidden gem guarded by dramatic limestone cliffs and coral reefs. From offshore the protective nature of the reefs comes into sharp focus, as the power of the incoming waves is absorbed by the reef, creating a tranquil pool.

Heading now to the east coast, we visit the iconic Bathsheba seaside village, where surfers catch epic waves and beachgoers revel in ocean dips and scenic strolls.

Finally, we bid adieu with a bird’s-eye view of lush countryside and the coastline fading into the horizon.

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Reviewed by: kathy lynn ward