Coral Mist Hotel and Worthing Beach barbados

A cool ride above the stunning Worthing Beach and lovely Coral Mist Hotel.

We begin with a lovely view of the western end of Worthing Beach, home to the Coral Mist and Blue Orchids hotels. What I love about this perspective to how clearly it reveals the coastal features of the area, from the relatively calm shoreline, out over some coral reefs, and the deep dark blue Atlantic Ocean. The reefs at Worthing Beach make it a wonderful spot for snorkeling and you’re sure to spot many colorful tropical fish… and maybe a turtle or two!

Flying east along the coastline takes us to the more popular areas of Worthing Beach where we spot several boats (mostly small fishing boats and scuba operators). Again the protective coral reefs are clearly visible and it’s also noticeable that this section of the shore is much calmer than where we started our drone tour.

Heading back to the western end of the beach, we’re cheerfully greeted by some seabathers as we fly over them! The drone pilot captures an excellent shot of the Coral Mist Hotel, highlighting its magnificent beachfront location.

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Video created by: tonyh0905
Reviewed by: kathy lynn ward