Crystal Cove Resort barbados

Take in an aerial view of this all-inclusive resort on the island's west coast.

Although this video gives a very linited view of the hotel itself, it clearly showcases its envious beachfront location on the tranquil west coast of Barbados.

Most of the drone footage is taken from out over the ocean, and that’s where we begin in brilliant sunshine reflecting off the sea. We trace the progress of a jetski heading towards land and can see the coral reef formations that are characterstic of this area of the coast. No suprise that this is a good location for snorkeling, with lots of tropical fish and the chance to spot a turtle or two!

The shoreline is a bit rocky in places, testimony to the beach erosion that is affecting the island and which is made more challenging by rising sea levels.

But shortly we’re again flying over soft sandy shores as gentle waves kiss the sands.

Back out to sea we spot some paddle boarders, a kayaker and a hobie cat sailboat, before ending where we began with our friend the jetskier!

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Reviewed by: kathy lynn ward