Explore Barbados

Exploring Barbados from coast to radiant coast.

This stunning drone footage - filmed with DJI Mini 3 Pro - takes us on a wonderful aerial tour of the island, including some of the most popular scenic spots and attractions.

We head north to view the Harrison Point Lighthouse, then move to the verdant Scotland District on the east coast. The welcoming tide pools and foamy surf (welcoming to surfers!) on this side of the island comes into focus, and we see several people enjoying a refreshing dip in the ocean pools.

A flyover of Morgan Lewis Windmill is a sombre reminder of the role played by sugar in our island’s history, while the impressive waves and towering cliffs at the northern tip of the island hint of nature’s power and beauty.

Next we head to the more tranquil west and south coasts of Barbados for awesome sunsets and sun-soaked beaches. The famous Sandy Lane Hotel - a favourite of celebrities, athletes and the aristocracy - is easily recognized by its signature pink beach umbrellas and loungers.

While Barbados is widely known for its attractive white sand beaches there is so much more to the country, as revealed in this video.

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Reviewed by: kathy lynn ward