First Person View Barbados Drone

Behind the scenes look at drone flying in Barbados.

This fun video from the Peel Adventure team gives us a behind the scenes view of what goes into creating drone videos.

It all begins with scouting a location and setting up the gear. In Barbados we’re blessed with many great locations for drone videography and photography, but as always local laws and regulations must be respected, avoiding restricted flight areas.

Here the team is using the DJI FPV which is redefining drone flying giving pilots incredible speed, power, and control.

Once the gear is all setup, we’re off whizzing around the 3Ws park overlooking the University of the West Indies (UWI) campus. Flying over the campus’ sports complex we make our way to scenic Batts Rock beach before returning to the University campus for a view of the cricket ground and basketball court.

Another quick pass through the park and following behind a vehicle on the road showcases the amazing control this tech gives the pilot. We head back down to the beach before wrapping up in the park.

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Reviewed by: kathy lynn ward