Fly Me barbados

Explore the rugged east of Barbados, with an offshore island, and beautiful bays and inlets.

We’ll start off on clifftops overlooking turquoise seas and sandy shores, with the obligatory palm trees swaying in the wind! This south-eastern section of Barbados is known for its beautiful bays but because the seas here are more lively this area is less popular for seabathing and waterports than the west and south coasts.

Flying along the shoreline we catch sight of some sargassum seaweed on the beach… a real nuisance at times!

Next we’re visiting the jetty at Skeete’s Bay, with colourful traditional fishing boats bobbing in the waves. We fly over the luxury homes which now sit on the cliffs overlooking the bay, a reminder for me of the poem by Robert Lee entitled "Skeete’s Bay, Barbados" which warns that modern development will come to this special spot, changing its character forever.

And the sea tossed angrily
For it knew that freedom here was short.
It remembered other coasts
Made mod by small-eyed men in big cars

And as before it knew she’d vanish
The bare-legged girl; the children and their crabs
Would leave; a better world would banish
them to imitation coconut trays

Heading south of Skeete’s Bay we discover Culpepper Island, with the Ragged Point lighthouse just visible in the distance. Little more than a scenic large rock in the ocean, Culpepper Island can be accessed at low tide with a short swim from shore.

Dario Hoyte has created another impressive drone view of Barbados with this one!

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Video created by: dario hoyte
Reviewed by: kathy lynn ward