High Above Barbados

From crystal-clear waters to iconic landmarks, this aerial tour captures the essence of our Caribbean gem.

Let’s take a laid-back tour starting at Carlisle Bay, a gorgeous spot where beach lovers can kick back on loungers under shady umbrellas. Some early birds are already splashing around in the clear waters. As we fly out over the bay, you’ll notice it’s dotted with boats and catamarans—probably folks out to check out shipwrecks or swim with sea turtles.

If you look south, there’s the Barbados Hilton and Radisson Aquatica hotels, perfect for a chill beachfront getaway. Glance north, and you’ll spy a bunch of cruise ships docked at Bridgetown Port. Those lucky passengers will soon be lounging around, soaking up the Barbados sun.

We’ll follow a catamaran cruising along the island’s west coast, where you can see coral reefs peeking through the waves… a haven for all sorts of marine critters.

Our next stop is Paradise Beach/Freshwater Bay, where you’ll catch sight of the West Indies Rum Distillery right by the beach - a pretty sweet setup! Heading south, we’ll pass over Pile Bay, a serene spot with small fishing boats bobbing in the calm seas.

Now, let’s switch things up a bit and head north where the sea is a bit more lively! From a distance, we’ll get a great look at the Harrison Point Lighthouse.

After that, we’ll swing back to the serene west coast beaches to catch a stunning sunset, then take a quick peek at the lush countryside in the easten part of the island.

Our journey wraps up with peaceful views of calm waters and sandy shores - a classic Caribbean scene that’s hard to beat.

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Reviewed by: kathy lynn ward