Kensington Oval barbados

Soar above this historic cricket ground and spy the harbour and cricket museum.

Our tour kicks off in front of the legendary 3Ws stand, paying homage to three of Barbados’ cricket heroes: Sir Frank Worrell, Sir Everton Weekes, and Sir Clyde Walcott. The inviting blue and gold seats, representing the national colors of Barbados, tempt us to linger, but the cricket ground has so much more to unveil. Soon enough these seats will be filled with cricket fans from across the globe.

As we soar backward, away from the 3Ws, a panoramic view of the cricket ground unfolds, revealing a somewhat patchy outfield. Groundstaff toil away on the pitch, no doubt working to get it in tip top shape for upcoming matches.

Our gaze widens, capturing the compact Hall and Griffith stand and the large Greenidge and Haynes stand (also known as the Kensington Stand) to the left. On the right, we see the open area that morphs into the “Party Stand” during popular matches, particularly when the likes of England or Australia come to town.

Our aerial odyssey continues, revealing the impressive media centre with its commanding view down the pitch. Kensington Oval, revamped for the 2007 World Cup, stands as a global stage for top-notch international, regional, and domestic cricket, its history tracing back to 1882 with the inaugural international match in 1895. Beyond cricket, it transforms into a venue for entertainment and cultural events.

A sweep to the left unveils the bustling harbor and port, where impressive cruise ships are docked. The solar panel-clad roofs hint at Barbados’ commitment to renewable energy. Look left, and you’ll spot the cream-coloured Legends of Barbados Cricket Museum which offers a captivating journey through cricketing history.

As we gracefully glide eastward, the Hewitt & Inniss stand comes into view, and we get a wider perspective of the Oval. And for the grand finale, a quick spin offers a sweeping view of the expansive playing field at Westbury Primary School, where global superstar Rihanna once played.

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Reviewed by: kathy lynn ward