North Point, Barbados

A drone-guided escape to the serene beauty of Barbados' northern edge.

We join this mesmerizing drone journey one minute into the flight just off the northern tip of Barbados.

Flying towards the cliffs we see how the powerful waves have been sculpting out intricate caves that dot the cliffs like nature’s hidden treasures.

As we watch, the waves continue their relentless pounding, a reminder of the power of Mother Nature.

Next we fly over the Animal Flower Cave, a wonderful attraction with an accessible sea cave, excellent restaurant with stunning views, look out points for watching the waves & spotting whales, and a small selection of art & craft shops.

Imagine savoring delectable bites in the restaurant perched on the edge of the world, where every bite comes with a side of awe-inspiring views.

For those seeking a touch more adventure, the area offers great hiking opportunities. Just a gentle reminder, though - it’s wise to maintain a safe distance from the cliff edge. No need to tempt fate!

As we dip into the bay just a stone’s throw south of the Animal Flower Cave, our drone pulls off a graceful pirouette, revealing the shaded lookouts offering front-row seats to the ocean’s theatrical performance.

After a quick pause to admire the frothy dance of the waves, we reverse our path, gliding back to our starting point to enjoy a final view of the cliffs, ocean-view restaurant, and endless expanse of the Atlantic Ocean.

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Reviewed by: kathy lynn ward