North Point barbados

Fly along the ruggedly beautiful northern coastline of Barbados enjoying this dramatic landscape.

Prepare for an extraordinary adventure as we launch our drone from the clifftop, soaring out above the breathtaking expanse of the boundless Atlantic Ocean. In fact there are no land masses between Barbados and the coast of West Africa, a jaw-dropping distance of over 2,500 miles (4,000 km)!

Between December and April, it’s quite common to witness the majestic humpback whales gracefully gliding through these waters. They embark on an epic migration from their chilly northern habitats to bask in the warmth of our inviting seas during winter.

Feel the energy of the ocean as the lively waters create foamy waves that crash against the rugged cliffs.

Let’s spin around and feast our eyes on the panoramic vista that lies inland. Sprawling flat grasslands top the cliffs, and caves have been skillfully carved by countless years of powerful Atlantic waves. Turning north the Animal Flower Cave comes into view in the distance - this is a must-visit spot for more stunning views and to explore an ocean-front cave!

As our drone gracefully glides southward along the cliffline, a stark contrast unfolds before us. This part of the island is so different to the bustling west and south coasts. No hotels, no shopping malls, no bustling commercial activity. Instead, we’re transported back in time to the Barbados of yesteryear — a serene sanctuary largely untouched by the hands of modernity.

A kaleidoscope of colors unfold beneath us. Marvel at the grey rugged cliffs juxtaposed against the vibrant turquoise waters. Notice how the waves glisten, adorned with a crown of white foam and a touch of brown seaweed, adding an artistic touch to nature’s canvas.

One last treat before we turn back towards the land: a breathtaking view of the endless ocean stretching out to the horizon, its beauty unmatched and its allure irresistible.

We fly gracefully back to our drone operators who have taken us on an unforgettable journey, revealing the untamed and rugged beauty of northern Barbados.

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Reviewed by: kathy lynn ward