Old Fort at Hilton Barbados

Take flight from an old fort to explore Needhams Point.

Get ready for a sky-high tour of the Needham’s Point area on the south-western coast of Barbados!

We take flight from historic Charles Fort at the Hilton Barbados Hotel. This was one of over three dozen forts built by the Britsh during colonial times to protect the island from foreign invasion. Several cannon remain ceremonially mounted at the fort overlooking beautiful Carlisle Bay. The site is well maintained by the Hilton Hotel. (There is also a lighthouse located on the hotel’s grounds!)

This drone footage takes us over the old jetty where crystal-clear turquoise waters sparkle in the tropical sun.

We also spot some surfers enjoying the waves at adjoining Drill Hall Beach, a favourite spot for local surfers and surf schools teaching beginners and intermediate surfers.

Don’t miss the ‘sand angels’ before we return for a thrilling overhead view of the fort.

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Video created by: island living
Reviewed by: kathy lynn ward