Passing Time In Barbados

Fantastic timelapses and hyperlapses (moving timelapses) drone views of Barbados.

This high-definition (up to 8K) drone footage was shot in 2020 while Barbados was undergoing various COVID lockdowns and restrictions. The Above Barbados team gathered timelapses and moving timelapses (hyperlapses) from across the island and then compiled this stunning collection.

We begin on the east coast of Barbados with views of the lush countryside and Atlantic waves caressing the shore. Switching over to the south coast reveals more calm seas.

Back east we’re treated to a wonderful shot of the parish of St. Joseph and the eastern coastline with the St. Joseph Parish Church clearly visible. Heading a bit further south coconut palms sway on a semi-secluded beach.

Switching inland we fly over the Sandy Lane golf course, one of the finest courses on the island.

On to the west coast we spy the Bridgetown harbour with several cruise ships docked at the port and just offshore. During the height of the COVID pandemic, Barbados was a refuge for many cruise ships and assisted with the repatriation of thousands of passengers and crew.

It’s strange to see so many empty beaches and quiet roads, but that was the reality of the time.

Additional inland views show the flourishing fields and hills.

Switching to some night-time shots reminds us that the island is still vibrant, despite the challenges. The drive-in with its inherent open-air facility became even more popular. The shot of the busy Chefette drive through is a sign that things were returning to ’normal'!

Flying over Carlisle Bay shows far fewer catamarans and dive boats than would normally be there, but of course the bay is still stunning.

We’re then treated to views of the turquoise waters off the south-east coast, a cricket match in progress, and stunning rainbow.

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Video created by: above barbados
Reviewed by: kathy lynn ward