Sam Lords Castle Redevelopment barbados

See the redevelopment of the Sam Lord's Castle Resort from above.

This drone footage was shot while the Sam Lords Castle Resort & Spa was under reconstruction.

The resort opened in October 2023 as a stunning all inclusive under the Wyndham Hotel Group, featuring a stunning clifftop setting, outdoor pools, luxury suites, exquisite dining, and stunning spa.

The historic ‘castle’, from which the resort’s name is derived, stands next door to the hotel and is itself being renovated. This property belonged to Samuel Lord, a prominent plantation owner during the 1800’s. He was also a pirate of sorts, plundering shipwrecks just off the coast of his property. Legend says he actually lured ships to the reefs by hanging lanterns in the coconut trees along the shore!

In the 1900’s the property became a popular luxury hotel and conference centre but was closed and damaged by fire in 2010. It’s revival began in 2015.

In this video we can see the iconic ‘castle’, a Georgian mansion built in 1820, in the background. The drone footage also reveals the scale of the resort and the stunning beachfront location.

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Reviewed by: kathy lynn ward