Scotland District barbados

Discover the 'Sleeping Giant', lush rolling hills, limestone rock faces, and an endless beach.

This wonderful drone tour provides a fascinating view of the “Scotland District” on the rugged east coast of the island.

Beginning at the base of the “Sleeping Giant” we fly over lush rolling hills and take in the exposed limestone facade of the rockface. This rugged, hilly terrain is in stark contrast to the beach just steps away.

Looking south we can see all along the eastern coastline nearly to Ragged Point, despite it being a bit of an overcast day.

A lone house, painted in a beautiful blue hue, looks out over the beach and rolling waves of the Atlantic Ocean. As we fly closer the small ocean pools, perfect for relaxing, become clearer.

The Scotland District was named by early settlers who originated from Scotland, and likely were feeling quite homesick! The area is characterized by hilly terrain, gullies and limestone outcrops.

This aerial perspective gives us an amazing view of the geological features, particularly as we ascend alongside the “Sleeping Giant”.

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Video created by: mm productions
Reviewed by: kathy lynn ward