Shark Hole Beach barbados

Tour the secluded beach and cliffs.

Although there are no ‘private’ beaches in Barbados, Shark Hole Beach (or Bay) is definitely a secluded one.

Our drone tour begins flying over the water, past the natural coral reef which protects the bay. As we spin around and look inland the reefs becomes more apparent, breaking the powerful waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

Flying along the coast shows the cliffs that surround the bay, and the homes of lucky residents who live just a short stroll from this piece of paradise.

We’re then treated to a wonderful shot directly above the bay, showcasing the crystal-clear turquoise waters inside the reef. Flying up reveals a man and his dog enjoying a swim while other beachgoers watch from the shore.

Additional views of the coastline, bay, and surrounding neighbourhoods follow. The cliffs on this southern part of Barbados are popular with local recreational fishermen who cast their lines and patiently await a catch as they enjoy the tranquil surroundings.

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Video created by: bajan sun
Reviewed by: kathy lynn ward