Travel Film barbados

Explore Barbados as never before on this mesmerizing drone tour.

This top quality, professional drone video truly captures the natural beauty of our island - coastal and interior.

The coastal footage reveals that Barbados’ waters are typically turquoise rather than blue, and shows how the coastal reefs protect the island. The white sandy shores are also beautifully displayed. Many of the Caribbean islands are volcanic in nature and therefore have dark sands. However Barbados is a coral island, hence the lighter sand found here.

We begin at Carlisle Bay on the western coast. This is a very popular spot for swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving. The beach clubs along this shore welcome many cruise ship visitors seeking a relaxing beach day on the island.

At the southern tip of Carlisle Bay we spot the iconic Hilton Barbados hotel and Charles Fort (complete with histoic cannon!)

Next we’re flying north to Speightstown, one of Barbados’ original towns and a hive of commercial activity in colonial times.

Switching over to the east coast let’s enjoy the rustic beauty of this rugged coastline including Bathsheba Beach, Animal Flower Cave, and Bottom Bay.

Heading inland the video explores the Scotland Distict with historic Morgan Lewis Windmill, before returning to the coast for additional captivating ocean views from above!

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Reviewed by: kathy lynn ward