Kathy-Lynn Ward

About me:

I’m a web developer from Barbados, who also created this website.

I love new technology, especially figuring out how it can be utilized by my clients to attract more customers, increase conversions and transactions, and run their business more efficiently.

When drone videography and photography first hit the scene I was working on the barbados.org destination site for the Caribbean island of Barbados. I immediately saw the tremendous potential of this technology in the travel industry including by DMOs, attractions, activities, hotels and other accommodation providers, golf courses, restaurants, and so much more! How exciting!

Drone technology quickly became a key component in the travel marketers toolkit. It was a relatively inexpensive way to wow potential visitors with a sense of wonder of their upcoming trip.

Barbados drone operators began creating compelling content featuring local beaches, attractions and places of interest, scenic lookouts, etc. At Barbados.org we decided to harness this by designing one central digital hub of the very best Barbados drone footage - BarbadosByDrone.com was born in 2016.

The original version of the site was entirely mapped-based. While the layout was very user-friendly it wasn’t easy for Google to traverse the site and see its full value. So in 2021 the site was redesigned and restructured. The new layout is still user-friendly but now also Google-friendly!

Since 2016, huge advances in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have provided equally exciting tools for tourism marketers to create immersive, interactive experiences.

When the Covid pandemic hit, international travel ground to a halt completely paralyzing the tourism-dependent economies of the Caribbean. “Virtual vacations” became a way for destinations to remain top of mind with travelers, especially those repeat visitors who now found themselves unable to travel to their favourite vacation haven. Drone videos (along with webcams, social media, AR and VR) are critical tools to achieve this. I created OurBarbados.Online as a “virtual vacation” hub for Barbados, and of course included lots of drone videos.

I love compiling content into centralized resources for the enjoyment of others. I hope you like this collection of Barbados drone videos and look forward to reviewing and cataloging many more.

If you are interested in my work please stop by kward.me.