Animal Flower Cave barbados

Geological wonders and coastal vistas await on this brief drone tour!

Join us for a brief drone excursion to the northern tip of the island as we explore the Animal Flower Cave and take a spin around North Point. Animal Flower Cave, a geological marvel, has been a cherished spot for both locals and tourists for many years.

We kick off our adventure outside the sea cave, where you can witness the relentless Atlantic Ocean waves gradually shaping the limestone cliffs, carving out the cave’s unique features. The foamy sea waters rush into the cave, creating a mesmerizing spectacle before heading back to the ocean.

Ascending higher above the coast, our drone provides an excellent vantage point to observe the waves in action.

Our journey then takes us through the cave itself, showcasing its distinctive opening and the serene reflection in the cave pool. Visitors, weather permitting, can access the cave via a series of steps, and some opt to relax in the pools within. Guided cave tours are also an option. Exiting the cave’s opening, we find ourselves over somewhat calmer seas.

As our drone leisurely glides along the clifftops, you’ll notice how other sections are undergoing the gradual erosion process – potentially forming new caves in the future.

To conclude our journey, we get an aerial view of the restaurant, which serves high-quality cuisine and refreshments. It’s a great place to unwind and savor the stunning views.

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Reviewed by: kathy lynn ward