Barbados Aerial Views

Experience the beauty of Barbados - coastlines, countryside, lighthouses, and more!

I recall Ricky Chase as being one of the first photographers in Barbados to get into drone/aerial photography way back in 2016. His artistic talent really shines through in this compilation of aerial view all across the island.

We begin at the beautiful beach at Needhams Point, home to the Hilton Barbados hotel, then skip to an inland admiring luxury villas and a man-made lake. Our next stop on this drone tour is the Harrismith Beach and the ruins of Harrismith House which sit on the clifftop. Unlike the beach at Needhams Point, this spot is deserted - testimony to its somewhat remote (for Barbados!) location and potentially dangerous surf.

Next we head to the east coast where we soar above the inviting Santosha accommodation tucked into the hills.

This video truly does cover Barbados from coast to coast! We’re up north next, orbiting the Harrison Point lighthouse. Although not well maintained this lighthouse is a charming location and has become a favourite spot for drone photography and videography.

We’re also treated to the sight of a large group of motor bikers winding their way along a country road, and stop by another lighthouse, before returning to our starting point.

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Video created by: ricardo chase
Reviewed by: kathy lynn ward