Bridgetown barbados

Soaring over our capital city, unveiling treasures from above.

Embark on an aerial journey as we depart from the tranquil “inner basin” of Bridgetown’s Careenage waterway. Here, fishing charter vessels rest serenely, awaiting their next expedition. Witness the iconic lift bridge which grants passage to vessels navigating the inner basin. The tranquility of this early morning, perhaps a Sunday, reveals a handful of pedestrians traversing the bridge and a smattering of vehicles navigating the town’s streets.

Gaze upon the impressive Parliament Buildings on your right. The Barbados Parliament dates back to 1639 but occupied several sites before these Neo-Gothic structures were erected in 1874.

Flying to the “outer basin,” we observe additional fishing boats along with party vessels poised for merriment. This historic marine inlet boasts a captivating history, exemplified by structures like the Old Spirit Bond. Constructed from red ballast bricks, its unique architectural style seamlessly blends Georgian and Barbadian influences.

Emerging from the outer basin, we are greeted by the breathtaking expanse of Carlisle Bay. Its pristine sandy beach cradles crystalline waters, while shipwrecks stand as silent sentinels beneath the surface. Transformed into vibrant underwater havens, these shipwrecks now teem with diverse marine life – turtles, fish, rays, seahorses, and many more. As we linger at the bay’s exit, cast your gaze to the right and observe the Bridgetown Fisheries, a testament to the island’s rich maritime heritage and bountiful seafood offerings.

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Reviewed by: kathy lynn ward