Chris The Drone Guy Visits Barbados

Blending drone footage with vibrant local experiences.

From the international airport in Barbados we journey to Chris’ accommodation on the sun-kissed southern tip of the island where we soak up the rhythm of the waves, tranquil beauty of the coastline, and enchanting moonlight views. Then we’re off to a lively dinner show featuring talented local dancers.

Next we take flight over Harrismith beach and the captivating ruins of Harrismith House. Heading north we fly by Hackletons Cliff which rises a whopping one thousand feet above sea level, revealing vistas of lush countryside and picturesque coastline.

We hover above the iconic Bathsheba Beach, home to massive ocean rocks. We glide both north and south along this iconic stretch of coastline, where the mighty Atlantic waves collide with offshore reefs, creating the perfect playground for surfers and adventurers.

Back on solid ground, our exploration takes us to the world-renowned Mount Gay Rum distillery. With a history spanning over 350 years, Mount Gay is a name synonymous with top-notch rum. Why not visit and raise your glass to a taste of the island’s rich heritage?

We make a quick stop at the Animal Flower Cave site before diving into the serene waters of the west coast. There, we swim with sea turtles, and snorkel among vibrant tropical fish around a sunken shipwreck and over coral reefs.

Our adventure wraps up with a visit to Rihanna’s childhood home, dinner at a beachfront restaurant, and breakfast on the beach.

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Reviewed by: kathy lynn ward