Codrington College barbados

Get a birds eye view of this historic building, lovely lily pond and spectacular coastal views!

This is one of my favourite Barbados drone videos! It’s also one of the earliest ones I can recall seeing and although the technology had undoubtedly improved significantly since then there are many features that make this video truly special.

It has a real cinematic feel to it, with smooth flying and long coasting shots. We begin by soaring upwards along the majestic Cabbage Palms, an effect that reveals the towering height of these trees. From this vantage point we can also enjoy a stunning view of the theological college, lily pond, and landscaped grounds, with Consett Bay in the distance.

Flying through the arches of the main building and over the marble checkerboard floors we emerge in the rear garden, passing over a sundial on the way! In the garden the effect of rising alongside the palms is again effectively used and slowly brings into view the island’s eastern coastline.

The effect of flying backwards over the lily pond is amazing, although it could perhaps be slowed a bit to allow for a better view of the lily pads and resident ducks.

Another sequence showcases the architecture of the historic buildings that make up Codrington College, which dates back to 1745. Designed by English architect Colonel Christian Lilly in 1713 the original plan was for four sides enclosing a quadrangle, however a lack of funds resulted in a curtailing of the project. Nonetheless the buildings, which have survived devastating hurricanes and a fire, are very impressive.

The musical accompaniment reflects the awe-inspiring nature of this historic site.

We end our aerial tour of Codrington College once again soaring above the palms lining the entranceway, and with a lively game of cricket being played at the site’s entrance.

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Video created by: above barbados
Reviewed by: kathy lynn ward