Cove Bay barbados

Take off at Cove Bay and explore the majestic cliffs, powerful waves and natural beauty of this stunning location!

This brief drone video takes us off the cliffs at Cove Bay, a crescent-shaped embayment on the north-eastern side of Barbados.

We fly along the rugged clifftops, observing the fascinating chalk cliff geological features, as the mighty waves of the Atlantic Ocean strike the rock face.

On the cliff top glide over and through a huge grove of coconut trees and along a small pond that is a favourite watering hole for cows and sheep grazing in the area. The drone pilot’s skillful use of flying upward wonderfully reveals the beauty of the grove.

A flyaway shot next gives an exceptional view of the chalk cliffs and the escarpment. A wonderful way to end this aerial tour.

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Video created by: island living
Reviewed by: kathy lynn ward