Kadooment Carnival Parade barbados

Dive into a kaleidoscope of colors and infectious energy at Barbados' annual carnival.

We join the bands at the start of the parade route, with all the revellers full of energy and ready to hit the road! Zooming in from above, you can see all the costumes in amazing detail – tons of color and creative designs!

The streets are lined with people soaking it all in – the music, the costumes, the whole vibe. The music trucks blast soca tunes to keep the energy high. It might look chaotic from down there, but trust us, everything’s running smoothly to keep the party safe and on track.

The coolest part about the drone view is seeing just how massive the parade really is. This becomes especially clear as the bands pass the National Botanical Gardens – you can see the whole line of people snaking its way down the road. Plus, from up above, the costumes look even more incredible!

The Grand Kadooment parade ends at the beachside Mighty Gryner Highway. There’s a huge crowd there, swaying to the music, grabbing drinks and snacks, and waiting for the bands to arrive. You can even see some boats anchored offshore – talk about a prime spot for watching the festivities!

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Reviewed by: kathy lynn ward