Martins Bay barbados

Take flight over this beautiful, rustic bay on the east coast.

Another wonderful drone video by Ronald T Charlemagne takes flight over Martins Bay, a small village on the eastern coast of Barbados.

The video captures the quiet beach with the quintessential coconut trees waving in the breeze. I love how we fly low over the water as the lively waves break over offshore reefs on their way to shore. The tidepools are crystal-clear as are the intriguing rock formations at the northern end of the bay.

We also get a nice view of the Bay Tavern restaurant, a favourite with locals and visitors, loved for its local dishes and in particular fresh seafood.

With sunny weather on this day, we can visually follow the north-eastern coastline up to St. Lucy, the northernmost parish of Barbados.

Spinning around we look back south where the Barbados Railway trainline ran in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. This was a particularly scenic part of the train route and remains a favourite section for hikers who follow the train’s path on the annual Great Train Hike.

Looking inland we can appreciate the lushness of this part of the island.

Martins Bay remains a largely untouched, quiet haven on our small island. Our final flyaway is an invitation to visit - or revisit - it in person.

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Reviewed by: kathy lynn ward