Mullins Beach barbados

Soar over turquoise waters and swaying palms of idyllic Mullins Beach.

Hey there, beach lovers! Buckle up for a drone adventure as we soar high above the breathtaking Mullins Beach on the laid-back northwest coast of Barbados.

Our journey kicks off at the southern edge of this sandy paradise, offering a glimpse of the Sea Shed restaurant. Beach loungers and beach umbrellas beckon you to take a load off and embrace the carefree beach vibe.

As we glide along, the beach widens like a smile, revealing the Mullins Beach Club on the right. A beach attendant sets up sun loungers for the ultimate relaxation experience. Since it’s early morning, the beach is peacefully hushed, with the coconut tree shadows dancing in the crystal-clear blue waters. As the day progresses this beach transforms into a vibrant playground, with lucky persons relaxing on the loungers, soaking in the water, and enjoying watersports action!

Our airborne escapade wraps up at the northern tip of Mullins Beach with a final, serene view over the azure waters and brilliant blue sky… a promise of another amazing day on the island.

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Reviewed by: kathy lynn ward