St. Nicholas Abbey Train barbados

Drone meets train at this historic site in the north of the island!

We head to the north of the island to St. Nicholas Abbey for a wonderful aerial exploration of the trainline, sugar plantation, and Jacobean mansion.

Our drone tour kicks off at the charming railway station with a view of the meandering around a small pond, embraced by vibrant tropical blooms. We quickly spot the train making its way eastward towards the lookout point at Cherry Tree Hill.

With a gentle spin of the drone, the vast expanse of the plantation unfolds, revealing the Atlantic Ocean in the distance.

Rejoining the train’s path, we spy fields adorned with freshly planted sugar cane, destined to one day be transformed into sugar, molasses, or the finest rum!

Even on a cloudy day, the landscape remains stunning, adorned with lush fields and towering trees.

As our drone glides over the pond once more, a kaleidoscope of colorful flowers comes into view. The tracks trace a route around the pond, setting the stage for an wonderful start to your train ride.

Our journey takes a lofty turn as we soar over the historic plantation great house, a Jacobean masterpiece erected in 1658, boasting magnificent curved gables and Tudor arches reminiscent of a bygone era

Next we soar over the historic plantation great house, a Jacobean style mansion built in 1658 and featuring magnificent curved gables and Tudor arches classic to that era. On the right is the distillery where the process of transforming cane into a range of sugar-based products begins. The plantation’s rich 350+ year legacy is juxtaposed against the modernity of solar panels adorning the distillery’s roof - a harmonious blend of the old and the new.

Continuing our airborne exploration, we traverse the courtyard, terrace cafe, lush forests, and winding gullies, culminating in a final panoramic view of the train line before a graceful descent.

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Video created by: mm productions
Reviewed by: kathy lynn ward