West Coast Boardwalk barbados

Join us as we fly above the tranquil beaches and boardwalk on the west coast of Barbados.

This brief drone video flies us over the beach and boardwalk located in the Holetown area of Barbados’ west coast.

Unlike our south coast boardwalk, which is continuous, the western ‘boardwalk’ was deliberately constructed as a series of independent walkways, with natural beaches in between. These walkways have ensured public access to the beaches, provided continuous lateral access along the beach, and stabilised and enhanced the beach width.

Headlands and breakwaters are also clearly visible in the video, and these too are vital in protecting the coastline.

As we fly south, we see just how important this beach area is to Barbados. Vistors and locals can be seen enjoying the ocean and watersports all along the beach.

Around 15 seconds into the video we pass the mangroves and estuary known as The Hole (from which Holetown derived its name). This is where the English began their exploration of the island in 1625 and settlement in 1627. It is believed that the name is derived from the Limehouse Hole on the River Thames in southern England.

All along the drone flight, the clear waters of the surrounding ocean invite us in for a swim or snorkel!

As we pass the Villas On The Beach condos we see the beginning of a walkway, where large rocks protect the shoreline. This continues past several beachfront restaurants before we emerge on a small beach, then again onto a constructed walkway. Our aerial tour ends at another lovely wide sandy beach!

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Reviewed by: kathy lynn ward